ENLETS Disseminates Best Practices

ENLETS Disseminates Best Practices

September 2013 was the start of the project EDBP, ENLETS Disseminates Best Practices. In this ISEC funded project experts share best practices and new technologies for law enforcement purposes.

The EDBP project is an initiative of 20 active EU member states, supported by Europol. Objective for this project is to scan, analyze, identify and share best practices. The member states have prioritized five topics:




  1. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  2. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  3. Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
  4. Surveillance
  5. Front Line Policing

EDBP Kick off Doorwerth

In September 2013 EDBP had a successful start in Doorwerth in the Netherlands. Experts on the five topics and strategic partners met to learn about the EDBP project. Workshops on the five topics were combined with presentations of the International Workgroup Specialist Dogs and the Internet Research Network. The first step was taken.

EDBP expert meeting

In March the first meeting of 29 experts on the five topics took place in Guildford, UK. The five project leaders (OSINT, SIGINT: Romania.

Surveillance, ANPR: The Netherlands. Front Line Policing: United Kingdom) guided the experts to define the right scope for every topic. The outcome of the expert groups was shared with all other groups in search for overlap and synergy. Outcome of these meetings is an action plan for the next steps in order to get to the actual sharing of best practices.

To be continued!

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