European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services

What is ENLETS ?

The European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services is an active network of Law Enforcement agencies that are sharing best practices, activates co-creation and stimulates research for law enforcement. The activities of ENLETS are supported by the European Commission and the European Agencies, such as Europol, Eu-Lisa and EU-Lisa.

ENLETS was created under the auspices of the Law Enforcement Working Party. From 2008 until 2012 participation in the ENLETS network was promising, though the group was in search for concrete plans and actions. In 2012 new vigour was brought into the group by refreshing the vision and mission of ENLETS. A representation of Member States was formed into a Core Group with a Core Group Leader to enhance daily activities.

Since 2013 ENLETS is led by the Netherlands Police . In 2017 the Core group renewed this mandate for another two periods. The Core Group consists out of the Netherlands Police, the Federal Police of Belgium, the Gendarmerie of France, the Spanish National Police and the Guardia Civil, the National Police of Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, the Finish Police board and the Police academy of Germany.

Enlets holds 29 National Contact Points (Norway is member and Croatia and Malta not yet).